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Homeschooling Art!

Seriously, though, the only one of our kids who is truly inclined toward Art is, of course, “The Artist”. I could fill post after post of his drawings, but today I’m just going to tell you about how much of an interest he has taken in Zentangle, something he’s been watching me do. I will be honest here, and say that I didn’t want to let him in on it, because I was selfish and knew he’d be way better at it than me concerned it would be too much for him, but last week I took him to his first Zentangle class. Here are the results.

This first photo is of the first tile they did, the one on the left is what “The Artist” did, and on the right is what one of the certified zentangle teachers did.


Here is the second tile. The one on top belongs to “The Artist”, while the other two belong to our CZT’s (certified zentangle teacher)


One of our teachers has a wonderful zentangle blog called Dentangles, and I urge you to definitely check it out!


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