Found Fun Exercise!

It really hurts when I go walking. REALLY hurts. So today, I decided to check an exercise DVD out from the library, and got one of the Sweatin’ to the Oldies tapes re-done onto DVD.  It is as much of a workout as I remember from all those years ago! I managed to do the entire 45 minutes, and had fun doing it, too!  I did need to modify some of the stuff to accomodate my lack of fitness and my pain, but still, it was a workout. One of my kids actually did almost the whole thing with me, too.  So, since I can keep a DVD for 7 days from the library, I will do that, and then check out one of the other DVD’s in the series, until I go through all of them, then start again, until I have the money to order all of them for myself.  I see no reason at all why exercise shouldn’t be fun, if it isn’t, I won’t do as much of it as I need to do.  I also bought a pedometer, and with the help of Richard Simmons and his DVD, my step count so far today is over 4100!  Now to learn how to use my new food scale, and figure out calories and protein in meals cooked at home.

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  1. Kathy

    Yay! That’s awesome!!

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