“F” is for Future . . .

Day six of the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge . . .

What do any of us really know about our future? Not much.

I DO know that God knows my future.

He knows what choices I will make that will affect my future.

I live within His permissive will, which means that although I know without a doubt that should I die tomorrow, I will be in heaven with Him, He allows me free will to make whatever choices I wish.

Because of that freedom, it’s very important that I do my best to carefully consider the choices I make every day, to consider how those choices impact my own life, and the lives of those who are around me.

It means I must consider how those choices cause others to view my testimony, as well, because the last thing I would want is for a choice I make to cause someone else to refuse the free gift of salvation that can come only through the sacrifice of His only begotten Son.

“Future” . . . if you look through the Bible, you will not find anywhere that we are promised anything in the future other than our chosen eternity. For MY future, I chose to accept the gift of salvation by grace, given by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

What “future” have you chosen?


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2 responses to ““F” is for Future . . .

  1. Holly

    What a great post~and a good reminder of being wise with our choices! I’ve chosen the same. : ) See you tomorrow~Holly

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