“G” . . . The Great Grape Experiment!

So today, the kids and I watched some science how-to videos for a curriculum we are evaluating. One of them told us how to do the Plasma GRAPE experiment, which was so cool, we decided to wait and actually do it this evening when their dad would be home to see it. Also, we needed it to be darker than it is during the day, even with all the lights off and the blinds closed, LOL! So, we just did it, it was, in fact, really neat, although my camera doesn’t seem to be quite good enough to get a clear video of it. But, we did it, we used a grape, a knife, and the microwave to make plasma GAS. So, there are two things for “G”, the GRAPE, and the plasma GAS. And, you’ll hear much more about this, and other science things, when I post my review of Supercharged Science in a couple of weeks! 🙂

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One response to ““G” . . . The Great Grape Experiment!

  1. Valerie

    Well I hope we don’t have to wait *too* long because I am seriously intrigued.

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