“O” is For . . .

Overwhelmed . . . which I really am, today. I was supposed to make a casserole for our church supper tonight, and a cake for the dessert, as this is the final night of our Biblical Music Conference, with our special speaker being Pastor Steve Foster, at Mesa Baptist Church. Well, I used a recipe from cooks.com, I followed it, even though I had misgivings about the amount of baking soda it called for, and it sort of exploded and overflowed the baking pan into the oven. 😦 I’ve spent considerable time working on getting the mess out of the oven, in the hopes that there won’t be enough of it burning in there to ruin the taste of the casserole I still intend to make for the potluck.

Last night I sang the special during the conference, so several times today I have watched the video of my singing, just to remind myself of the words in the song I used. It was helpful in calming my spirit somewhat. Sometimes, I just need the reminder, especially on overwhelming days . . .


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3 responses to ““O” is For . . .

  1. Valerie

    Bummer about the exploding dessert, Lori. But I’m sure your casserole will more than make up for it.

  2. Fudge about the desert, but i am positive, your casserole will turn out great. Love this Lori. Thank you for sharing.

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