“P” Is For . . .

People! Lots and lots of people, all over the place today, at the C. A. P. E. – NM convention. C. A. P. E. stands for Christian Association of Parent Educators. I had a wonderful time today. I registered around 1:30, then started browsing the vendor exhibits, until time for the first presentation, which was Todd Wilson, on “Lies Home schoolers Believe”. After that, there was a wonderful showcase of performances by NM home schoolers, one of which was a choir that has been given the opportunity to sing at Carnegie Hall later this year. They were awesome! I saw the most PEOPLE in the 75 minute used book sale room. Crowds and crowds of PEOPLE! I’m going again, both tomorrow and Saturday. I’ve finished my vendor shopping, so now will be concentrating on workshops. Where I will see even MORE people! 🙂

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