No-Nonsense Algebra From Math Essentials: Our Review

You know, I have pretty much ALWAYS had a hate/hate relationship with math, something I have tried very hard to keep from passing on to my children. When this review came along, at first I really, really did not want it. Not at all. HOWEVER, after filling out my interest form (OK, let’s be honest, my LACK of interest form), I found out that when kids are getting ready for their ACT and SAT tests for College, it was suggested that this book is a good one for them to review Algebra, as that is something that is definitely tested. I was given to understand that the further one is away from Algebra, the less proficient they become. I also discovered that the book No-Nonsense Algebra from Math Essentials has, in fact, been used quite successfully as a good review before taking these tests.  So, I went back and redid my interest level so that hopefully, we would be blessed enough to receive it for “The Artist” to use.
And we were indeed so blessed in that regard!

Just looking at the cover told me that this would be a no fluff curriculum. It is fairly plain, with no distracting images or colors, which I consider a plus for “The Artist.”

Another thing which I feel is helpful, especially for “The Artist,” is the access to free online video lessons, which are available for each lesson in the book. Now, at first, “The Artist” did NOT take advantage of the video lessons, saying “Mom, I don’t need them, I KNOW how to do this stuff!” Of course, he slammed into a wall pretty quick and I convinced him to give the video lessons a try. In doing this, he discovered that he learns best with a combination of viewing and hearing the lesson, along with the written lessons in the book.

Here he is, resolutely using only the book:

A little while later though, he hit another wall, when it came to working on positive and negative fractions. He was really getting upset, even with the video lesson, and I was busy writing another review, so I finally told him to set it aside for a little while then to look at it again. He did do that, without me realizing it. What happened? He screamed “I got it!” and about scared me right out of my desk chair! LOL!

Here is “The Artist” finally giving in and using the video lessons:


One of the best things about No-Nonsense Algebra as far as “The Artist” is concerned, is that the lessons are fairly short, and the video lessons explain things quite well.

This book has 10 chapters:

  • 22 lessons on necessary tools for Algebra plus a chapter review
  • 9 lessons on Solving Equations plus a chapter review
  • 6 lessons on Graphing and Analyzing Linear Equation plus a chapter review
  • 7 lessons on solving and graphing inequalities plus a chapter review
  • 4 lessons on systems of linear equations and inequalities plus a chapter review
  • 13 lessons on Polynomials plus a chapter review
  • 10 lessons about rational expressions (algebraic fractions) plus a chapter review
  • 10 lessons on radical expressions and geometry plus a chapter review
  • 6 lessons on quadratic equations plus a chapter review
  • 8 lessons on algebra word problems plus a chapter review

Beyond this, there is a final review, a glossary, pages of important formulas, important symbols, the multiplication table, commonly used prime numbers, squares and square roots, fraction/decimal equivalents, access to the online video lessons, and the solutions section for checking the work.

I am going to recommend this book. At the price of only $28.95, this would be a good choice whether you have a student studying for his or her ACT and SAT, or you simply have a student who is ready to learn Algebra.

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