Meal Prep Help From “The Artist!”

“The Artist” wanted to do all of the freezer prep this time around, so after we went and bought everything, I let him! This is what went into the freezer this time:


Watch, as he is making sauces and filling containers!


Here is “The Artist” shredding Swiss Cheese by hand . . .


When finished, we had this!


In the Slow Cooker, we have the Pork Medallions with Dijon Sauce. Since the next day was Sunday, one meal was put up for the freezer and one in the slow cooker for dinner after church.

Here are some of the meals as we’ve been having them:

Cream Cheese Pork Chops


Chicken swiss Stuffing Bake


Pork Medallions With Dijon Sauce


And from a previous meal prep, Salsa Chicken!


I so appreciate that “The Artist” wants to be involved in this endeavor! He’s been extremely helpful to me!

If you’re interested in doing this too, please go to my affiliate link at My freeze Easy. You won’t be sorry, it’s both a money saver and a time saver! Plus, they will give you one free menu to try. Can’t beat that!

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