Brinkman Adventures Season 6 {Our Review}

We love adding Audio Dramas to our family’s library of resources, and so I was thrilled to receive the digital version of Season 6: Underground Rising from Brinkman Adventures for our listening pleasure.

We first discovered Brinkman adventures a few years ago, when reviewing one of their other productions, and you can check out that review by going here!

Brinkman Adventures is a wonderful audio drama series, with powerful stories from the lives of real missionaries brought to life by the Brinkman family. Through the eyes of this large fictional family the real life missionaries stories come to life and help us to really get to know the subjects of each story.

I was hooked immediately when I listened to the short trailer below, as I am fascinated with the time period involved in it.

I want to make sure my kids learn about World War 2, and I hope every child learns of this so that it never happens again! The trailer is from the two-part episode Dutch Underground, a story related by a woman who was there, to her grandchildren. I felt like I was there in the middle of it, and my children were riveted.

There are six episodes in season 6. They are:

  • Dutch Underground, Part 1 (Resisting Evil)
  • Dutch Underground, Part 2 (Helping When it’s Risky)
  • Twice Born Fly (Salvation)
  • I Wonder Why? (Trusting God’s Plan)
  • Free Burma Rangers, Part 1 (Can God Use a Warrior)
  • Free Burma Rangers, Part 2 (God Guides Even When He Feels Distant)

While we enjoyed every single episode, there were some that spoke to me personally. I wonder Why? is about trusting God’s plan, something I have been having a good deal of trouble with lately. I won’t go into detail as to what issue is troubling me, and I won’t lie and say that this episode made me completely able to let go and trust, but it has helped me to get closer to doing so.

Free Burma Rangers Part 2 (God Guides Even When He Feels Distant) is kind of hitting me in the same place. There are some things I don’t understand going on in my life, and I haven’t  felt God’s closeness. I HAVE felt that He is being distant, and I have been feeling as if He doesn’t care. So these two episodes are good for anyone feeling this way to listen to, in my opinion.

Brinkman Adventures has provided a page on their website to give you a lot of information about “The Real Stories” behind the adventures which are dramatized in their productions. Check that out here!

Brinkman Adventures is offering a special coupon code good for 10% off. It is live from October 10 through October 21 2018. Please feel free to check this out!

I’d love to have you go and read what my fellow Review Crew members think of Season 6: Underground Uprising! To see what they think, just click on the picture below.

Brinkman Adventures Season 6 Reviews 


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