More Freezer Meals!

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You all know that our family has been making meals for the freezer for over a year now. I wanted to share the most recent set we’ve done using MyFreezeasy.


Each recipe you see named above gives us 2 meals for the freezer, and we actually ended up with enough to make four of the Lazy Lasagna Bake. We used one of those for a church potluck on Sunday. 🙂

My main working partner during this process is usually “The Artist,” and one or another of his brothers goes with me to do all of the pre-prep shopping.

Here, “The Artist” and I are putting it all together . . .


And here, the bounty of our efforts!

  • Lazy lasagna Bake – 4
  • Chicken Fajita Bake – 2
  • Bacon Wrapped Chicken – 2
  • Sloppy Dogs (topping) – 2
  • Slow Cooker Teriyaki Pork Tenderloin


Plus, I now also have in the freezer a gallon freezer bag with the extra chicken in BBQ sauce! Not bad for just a couple of hours in the kitchen!

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One response to “More Freezer Meals!

  1. trishmd

    This is such a good idea! My daughter and I spent a Sunday together making meals for the freezer. Your post is inspiration for us to get together soon and do it again.

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