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Venturing With God in Congo {Review}

(Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.)

We have been reading Venturing with God in Congo by Darrell Champlin from Conjurske Publications together,  and really enjoying it. As we just recently held our annual Missions Conference, we were so happy to receive this book for review!

Darrell Champlin and his wife Louise. Louise had grown up in the Belgian Congo of Africa, in a family which had most members had gone to the mission fields. He had written this book in parts, and after his death his wife Louise compiled it into this non-fiction missionary account.

Let’s begin with the quality of this book. This is a good quality, hardcover book. Since I like to add books which will last into our home library, this was important to me. The cover art is amazing! I am showing you both the front and back covers. so you can see how beautiful Congo was to the Champlin family.


This book is 290 pages long, and has included pronunciation tips several times throughout the book, along with a short page at the beginning. There is an eight page gallery of photos taken during the span of this story which were fun to look at.

There is scripture used throughout, and those who read this blog regularly will know how please I was to see that all of the scripture used was from the 1611 King James Version.

We belong to a very missions minded church, so this sort of book is always a treat for me. As I said above, we just finished up our Missions Conference, and this was an excellent way to extend it!

The personal sacrifices made by missionary families are daunting, but God calls us all to be missionaries. For many, the call is to “go.” For those who are not called to go, we must send. Missionary giving is so important, so that we become part of spreading the  Word of God and need for salvation throughout the world.

Some of the things given up by the Champlins were modern life, financial security, and safety, among others. They lived on very little in the Congo, $28.00 per month! The rest of their $128.00 of support went into the actual ministry. They gave up modern life because the people they were reaching were living as if it were 100 or more years in the past. They lived in a jungle home, where the windows were just openings and couldn’t be closed, where people or animals could enter at will, so there was much danger.

Darrell Champlin has written the most vivid descriptions of the wild life and the people in Congo, I could actually visualize it! The incredible stories of thise who came to Christ should bring anyone who doesn’t know Him straight to their knees.

One such story (my favorite, actually) gives an account of a man called Lulu Bekanga. This man struck terror into the hearts of the people. He had been raised with witchcraft and satan worship. Now, as an adult, he was working as a head policeman for a territorial Belgian agent, terroriging the villagers. When Champlin began his very first service in the Congo, Lulu Bekanga shouted “The first person in this village who believes in this Jesus, I personally will bury!” God works, though, because the first person to accept Jesus as savior was a nephew of Lulu’s, and in his culture he was forbidden to kill a family member. In another of God’s miracles, Lulu Bekanga was the second person their to accept The Lord Jesus as his Savior! At his baptism, he asked to take a new name, and chose Bekanga Paul after Paul in the New Testiment. Thus, like Saul the persecutor of Christian became Paul the messager of The Lord, Lulu Bekanga the murderer became BeKanga Paul, seeking souls for The Lord.

Learning about this missionary family, their work, and the people they served for The Lord was inspiring to me. Through this book, I was pricked in the heart about missions giving. It may do that to you, but read it anyway! It is a fascinationg read, and you’ll be better for it, in my opinion.

I very highly recommend Walking With God in Congo. I do suggest reading ahead before reading each chapter to younger children, as he doesn’t sugar coat the lifestyles of the people. There is much promiscuity in the lives of the people, and no knowledge of right and wrong in that area when the missionary family arrives. I think teens can handle this, but use it as a discussion and teaching point.

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Brinkman Adventures Season 6 {Our Review}

We love adding Audio Dramas to our family’s library of resources, and so I was thrilled to receive the digital version of Season 6: Underground Rising from Brinkman Adventures for our listening pleasure.

We first discovered Brinkman adventures a few years ago, when reviewing one of their other productions, and you can check out that review by going here!

Brinkman Adventures is a wonderful audio drama series, with powerful stories from the lives of real missionaries brought to life by the Brinkman family. Through the eyes of this large fictional family the real life missionaries stories come to life and help us to really get to know the subjects of each story.

I was hooked immediately when I listened to the short trailer below, as I am fascinated with the time period involved in it.

I want to make sure my kids learn about World War 2, and I hope every child learns of this so that it never happens again! The trailer is from the two-part episode Dutch Underground, a story related by a woman who was there, to her grandchildren. I felt like I was there in the middle of it, and my children were riveted.

There are six episodes in season 6. They are:

  • Dutch Underground, Part 1 (Resisting Evil)
  • Dutch Underground, Part 2 (Helping When it’s Risky)
  • Twice Born Fly (Salvation)
  • I Wonder Why? (Trusting God’s Plan)
  • Free Burma Rangers, Part 1 (Can God Use a Warrior)
  • Free Burma Rangers, Part 2 (God Guides Even When He Feels Distant)

While we enjoyed every single episode, there were some that spoke to me personally. I wonder Why? is about trusting God’s plan, something I have been having a good deal of trouble with lately. I won’t go into detail as to what issue is troubling me, and I won’t lie and say that this episode made me completely able to let go and trust, but it has helped me to get closer to doing so.

Free Burma Rangers Part 2 (God Guides Even When He Feels Distant) is kind of hitting me in the same place. There are some things I don’t understand going on in my life, and I haven’t  felt God’s closeness. I HAVE felt that He is being distant, and I have been feeling as if He doesn’t care. So these two episodes are good for anyone feeling this way to listen to, in my opinion.

Brinkman Adventures has provided a page on their website to give you a lot of information about “The Real Stories” behind the adventures which are dramatized in their productions. Check that out here!

Brinkman Adventures is offering a special coupon code good for 10% off. It is live from October 10 through October 21 2018. Please feel free to check this out!

I’d love to have you go and read what my fellow Review Crew members think of Season 6: Underground Uprising! To see what they think, just click on the picture below.

Brinkman Adventures Season 6 Reviews 


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The Brinkman Adventures: Season 3: A T. O. S. Review

My boys and I have been listening to a wonderful set of real life dramas from the company Brinkman Adventures.

We have been enjoying The Brinkman Adventures: Season 3 so much!

Even my boys have been really interested, to the point of asking if we can please listen to another CD right now, instead of waiting until the next day! I especially have enjoyed listening to the stories about the Brinkmans. The production reminds me of listening to my dad tell us about listening to favorite stories on the radio, and then hearing him tell us how HIS mother used to listen to “her stories” on the radio as well. 🙂

We received the CD version of Season 3. Though we had never heard season one or season 2, that did not matter one bit. The episodes in season 3 stand alone, as I expect those in the other two seasons would, too.

Ian Brinkman was given the idea for this program by the Lord while sitting in a motel room in Wisconsin. He was reading Luke 8:16 – 18:

“No man, when he hath lighted a candle, covereth it with a vessel, or putteth it under a bed; but setteth it on a candlestick, that they which enter in may see the light. For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad. Take heed therefore how ye hear: for whosoever hath, to him shall be given; and whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken even that which he seemeth to have.”

Mr. Brinkman believes he was absolutely called to do this, and that it is an act of obedience to the Lord. Making this program, he and his family play the main characters (although their names are changed), and they interact with many people in the missionary life. You can read more about how this came to be here.

Season 3 comes as a four disc set. Each CD has three episodes on it.

Disc One:

1. God’s Mule

2. Mountain Mover

3. The Silent Ambassador

Disc Two:

4. Translating Trouble

5. Man-Up

6. Acorns and Oaks

Disc Three:

7. A Saint’s Story, Pt. One

8. A Saint’s Story, Part Two

9. Untouched

Disc four:

10. Busy Bees And A Bullhorn

11. Missionary Tourist, Pt. One

12. Missionary Tourist, Pt. Two

The stories we have been listening to have ranged from adventurous, to funny, to downright dangerous. They are all true stories, with some details and/or names beeing changed. We really, really love them!

This large family of ten has put together what could basically be called reality programming for the radio, and this is the sort of reality program my husband and I have no problem with having in our home. The stories are just the type to cause us to think hard about what missionaries endure, and to remind us to ALWAYS be in prayer for them. Those of us who cannot go out to the foreign mission field, are still part of the mission work, whether through prayer, through giving, through producing programs such as The Brinkman Adventures: Season 3, and even by being among those who purchase these programs.

Without doubt, I encourage you to check out these wonderful programs! If you’d like to hear an episode for yourself, and download some printables to color, check them out here.

Through the month of November, The Brinkman Adventures is offering their quarterly newsletter, three free episodes, and a chance to win a full season of The Brinkman Adventures!

Brinkman Adventures Season 3 Review

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