What Are YOU Doing During Covid-19 Stay at Home Orders?

Today, I tackled some spots in my home. This is my Island and counter top. In my house I’m the only female, and live with a bunch of guys who never met a surface that they didn’t feel was perfect to be a dumping ground.

Kitchen counter before:


Kitchen counter after:


Kitchen island before:


Kitchen island after:


I will acknowledge that I put the purple flowers and the organizing baskets on the island. The flowers are now up on the very top of my upper cupboards:


This is what I’ve gotten done so far. Next week, I’ll show you the before and after of my pantry, which is what I purchased the baskets for. (at the Dollar Tree!)

In the meantime . . .

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2 responses to “What Are YOU Doing During Covid-19 Stay at Home Orders?

  1. Virginia at EPG

    Very impressive – and so much work! You have inspired me. (My kitchen counter is similarly cluttered but we don’t have any soft drink cups. Our counters seem hatch highlighters and colored page markers. Oh, and lists of all kinds.)

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. deannapiercy

    Wow! Looks great. Over the past several days my house has taken on a slightly “littered” look. Nothing horrible a couple of things here, a couple of things there…all over the house. One of my goals for today is to take about 30 minutes and whip through the house just putting away the clutter. I want to start the week with a bit more order. Hope you are doing well.

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