Covid 19 “Stay at Home” Pantry Clean & Organize

I promised I’d show you the pantry fix this week, so here we go!

When I got started, my pantry was a disorganized mess. My kids just basically were shoving things in willy-nilly, which meant NOTHING was with whatever it should go with. By the time I was done, I dicovered we had several of a number of seasonings, for example.




So, I went to the Dollar Tree and bought baskets. Just these. This is all that I used. $14.00 worth of baskets from Dollar Tree. The vines (also from Dollar Tree) are for another project in the kitchen.


I made my kids help me pull every single thing out of the pantry. I totally forgot to take a picture of it all sitting on the kitchen table. I’m not tearing it back apart just for a picture.

But THIS is what it looks like after!



How long it will stay this way, I have no idea. I already had to move some things back to where they belong after cereal was “put away” this morning.

In the meantime,

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