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Learning About Science From WriteBonnieRose {Review}

We like to add fun subjects like science to our summer studies so I was excited to receive Learning About Science Collection, Level 3 (Cursive) from  WriteBonnieRose!

I have done one other review of a WriteBonnieRose publication, you can read it here.

“The Artist” is my most enthusiastic science kid, so I was certain he would enjoy doing Level 3 of the Learning About Science Collection. I let him look over the options once we received our download for the purpose of this review, and he decided he wanted to begin with Life Science: “What’s Going On Inside Plants?’

Other topics in this series include:

  • Earth Science, Discovering Rocks, Minerals & Crystals
  • Physical Science, Energy And It’s Many Forms
  • Earth Science, Exploring The Earth’s Land forms
  • Earth Science, forecasting & understanding the Weather
  • Life Science, Kinds of Animals & How They Live
  • Life Science, Life in the Oceans Hidden Zones

Also included in our download is a four page pdf with a goodly amount of categorized web links to add in when we want to find out more in a given topic.

Each one of the “workbooks” from WriteBonnieRose is around 20 pages in length. They can be printed out and used as worksheets, bound together as a book, or simple stapled in a top corner, as we did. Eventually, we will remove the staples, and then either 3-hole punch to put all together in a notebook or maybe I will take them to be spiral bound as a complete book.

As I said above, “The Artist” was interested in starting with “What’s Going On Inside Plants?” workbook. I am very impressed at what he was able to learn that he didn’t already know from it! A few evenings ago, for some reason the topic of fungi came up at supper (you just never know what you will be discussing at supper when you have a bunch of boys! 🙂 ) I said that i thought maybe moss was a fungus, and “The Artist” immediately said no, moss is a non-vascular plant. When I asked him how he knew this, he said “I learned it from WriteBonnieRose! Here is the page that he was referring to:

Bonnie Rose 3

Here is the cover of the workbook “The Artist” has been focusing on:

Bonnie Rose Cover

I did manage to get one picture when he was actually working on, and coloring the workbook pages:

Bonnie Rose 2

One thing we really appreciate is that these are labeled as “levels,” as opposed to grades. My kids are age-wise older than the third grade, but they have different levels of abilities depending on their individual delays. This was perfect for “The Artist,” because he loves science, and he absolutely prefers to learn in bite sized chunks.

Write Bonnie Rose

Bonnie Rose is a writer. She was never homeschooled, and never had any children. She ended up writing for the homeschool community because she loves children, and is a supporter of homeschooling. Another author suggested that she go to a homeschool convention, where she picked up a free copy of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. She ended up volunteering to write for, an educational website developed by The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.

Bonnie Rose is an excellent writer of educational materials, and I very much recommend her!

To read about what my fellow crew members think about this and other levels of Learning About Science Collection, please click on the banner just below!

Learning About Science collections {WriteBonnieRose Reviews} 


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Book Launch & Review . . . Asia: Its People and History


I am very excited to be a part of the book launch team for “Asia: Its People And History“, for a variety of reasons.


The author, Bonnie Rose, is part of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine family, serving as a member of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine’s Star Contributors Team, creating material for, and working as an editorial assistant for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine®. You all know how much I love being part of The Old Schoolhouse Family as a Review Crew member, so it’s very special to me, being included as part of the launch team for a book written by one of our own! 🙂

So . . . you may be wondering, just what is this book, anyway? Well, it’s a curriculum, but I find it to be more than that, personally.

Book Description:

Welcome to Asia: Its People and History! Is the land of Asia a mystery to your kids? Do they know who lives there? Do they know how to pray for them? Asia is home to more than fifty countries and territories and roughly three-fifths of the world’s population. Could you use some help introducing your family to this vast land? This sixteen-week course presents a brief picture of six nations. It is by no means all encompassing. Its purpose is to introduce your students to the people of Asia, share their stories, and spark curiosity.

I pray that the course does much more than that, however. I pray that through meeting just a few of our brothers and sisters who live in cities and villages with names that are hard to pronounce that your children feel more connected with those who are suffering for their faith in Christ. Through stories and activities, we’ll meet the people of Laos, Bangladesh, Nepal, China, Iran, and Vietnam. We’ll get to know the children of these lands and hear about their experiences. Most of all, we’ll pray for them and their families. Won’t you join us?

Here is a lovely video trailer that you can watch about this book:

Asia: Its People And History covers these six countries in 16 weeks . . . Laos, Bangladesh, Nepal, China, Iran and Viet Nam. I most especially wanted to go through this book because I happen to have family who are missionaries to one of these countries, so my children (and I!) wanted to learn more about it.

Each country in the book covers weeks. We begin with week one: Story with discussion questions. Then, in week two, we have Let’s Talk About (that week’s country), Part One, week three: Story with discussion questions, wrapping up in week four with Story with discussion questions. This format is used for each of the six countries in the book.

I am happy to tell you that the author, Bonnie Rose, has provided bonus content absolutely free, that you can download here. This includes the following:

History and Geography-themed copy work (three handwriting styles)

Facts about Bangladesh

Facts about China

Facts about Iran

Facts about Laos

Facts about Nepal

Facts about Vietnam

Word Puzzles

Asia Nations and Capitals Word Puzzle-enjoy a fun decoding activity to decipher the six nations we are studying.

Letter Scramble-Central and South Asia

Letter Scramble-East and Southeast Asia

Letter Scramble-Middle East

I think my family is going to really enjoy going through this book more fully, now that this short review/launch period is completed!

Paperback available from coming soon in
full color and black-and-white versions.

Kindle version available from

Ebook available from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.

Kindle, Nook, iBookstore, and Sony eReader versions available from

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