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Windows 8.1 Is NOT Fun . . . Not At All!

However, it IS fun to be writing this on my brand new HP Pavillion that my husband bought me so that he could, in his words, “support my blogging and other writing”.


He also took the picture above, which I’d normally not publish, but I don’t feel like going and getting all fixed up just to type, lol!

I asked him to look for a Windows 8.1 For Dummies On Amazon, since he has a prime membership. He found that, and also found Windows 8.1 For Seniors For Dummies. The only difference is that the one for seniors has larger print, and the screen shot pictures are bigger, so yes, you guessed it, I said “get THAT one, please!”

I still don’t think I’ll EVER get the hang of Windows 8.1, and everyone I’ve asked about it says they just use the desktop and ignore the apps, but I’ll give the book a try, and see if I can manage. I am already kinda sick of things disappearing and going back to a previous screen if I move the cursor too quickly, though . . .

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