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More Tangling!

Earlier this month, I took another class, this one on making Zendalas. Similar to zentangles, but round. We learned some new tangles, and used some we had already learned. Here are the ones I did in class, where we each did a traditional black pen on a white zendala tile:

phone dump 20140909 282

and one on a black zendala tile with white jelly roll pen, followed by highlighting in our chosen color of sparkly gel pen:

phone dump 20140909 283.

I’m very pleased with mine, I thought they turned out well! Here is a link to dentangles, the blog run by one of our teachers, so that you can see the class zendalas for that day!

Definitely check out all of her blog, she has some great content! 🙂

One final thing, it’s been very busy here for the past few months, between moving, and attempting to get my own health back on track, but I am feeling some better, so I promise, no more long breaks between non-review posts. I’ll be trying to write at least every few days, I have a ton of photos to show you what we’ve been up to this summer! 🙂

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Windows 8.1 Is NOT Fun . . . Not At All!

However, it IS fun to be writing this on my brand new HP Pavillion that my husband bought me so that he could, in his words, “support my blogging and other writing”.


He also took the picture above, which I’d normally not publish, but I don’t feel like going and getting all fixed up just to type, lol!

I asked him to look for a Windows 8.1 For Dummies On Amazon, since he has a prime membership. He found that, and also found Windows 8.1 For Seniors For Dummies. The only difference is that the one for seniors has larger print, and the screen shot pictures are bigger, so yes, you guessed it, I said “get THAT one, please!”

I still don’t think I’ll EVER get the hang of Windows 8.1, and everyone I’ve asked about it says they just use the desktop and ignore the apps, but I’ll give the book a try, and see if I can manage. I am already kinda sick of things disappearing and going back to a previous screen if I move the cursor too quickly, though . . .

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All Along . . .

Occasionally, I am scheduled to sing special music at church. This is a song I sang in the Sunday evening service on October 13, 2013. I chose it because I thought it might be an encouragement to those who feel a need to be encouraged . . . I know this song helps me when I hear it!

Here is the video of “All Along” . . .

I hope it is an encouragement to you, as well!

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Faith, or Lack Thereof . . .

So, Saturday evening, while sitting on the couch watching TV and crocheting on a baby gift I’m trying to get completed (so I can send it back home to our former piano teacher who just had her first baby), the left arm (or temple, not sure which it is called) on my glasses broke off. It didn’t just come unscrewed, it actually broke right off.

My glasses are extremely expensive, even AFTER the portion the insurance pays, so I, of course, became very worried (since that is one of my biggest spiritual struggles, after all). You see, I am very aware that our health spending account is just about depleted for this year. In fact, once we pay the bill to the surgeon for my recent surgery, I’m pretty sure it will be completely used up, so there is just no way to replace these glasses at this time. We are still paying off both of the surgeries my husband had in December and January.

Well, on Sunday after morning service, we went to Sam’s Club Optical. Unfortunately, the smallest replacements they had in their spare parts were too big, so they suggested we head over to Wal-Mart Optical, which we did. They DID have the correct size (yay!), and replaced the broken one, although they could not put a matching one on the right side, as the screw holding it in would not turn. They did give it to me though, along with two screws, in case it should come out later. So, while the arm on the left doesn’t match either the front of the glasses OR the arm on the right, at least my glasses will stay on my face now, so I can see, and they didn’t charge me anything at all!

The glasses may not look so great, but they will hold me until we can afford new ones now. God is good, even when we lack faith.

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