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“P” Is For . . .

People! Lots and lots of people, all over the place today, at the C. A. P. E. – NM convention. C. A. P. E. stands for Christian Association of Parent Educators. I had a wonderful time today. I registered around 1:30, then started browsing the vendor exhibits, until time for the first presentation, which was Todd Wilson, on “Lies Home schoolers Believe”. After that, there was a wonderful showcase of performances by NM home schoolers, one of which was a choir that has been given the opportunity to sing at Carnegie Hall later this year. They were awesome! I saw the most PEOPLE in the 75 minute used book sale room. Crowds and crowds of PEOPLE! I’m going again, both tomorrow and Saturday. I’ve finished my vendor shopping, so now will be concentrating on workshops. Where I will see even MORE people! 🙂

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“O” is For . . .

Overwhelmed . . . which I really am, today. I was supposed to make a casserole for our church supper tonight, and a cake for the dessert, as this is the final night of our Biblical Music Conference, with our special speaker being Pastor Steve Foster, at Mesa Baptist Church. Well, I used a recipe from, I followed it, even though I had misgivings about the amount of baking soda it called for, and it sort of exploded and overflowed the baking pan into the oven. 😦 I’ve spent considerable time working on getting the mess out of the oven, in the hopes that there won’t be enough of it burning in there to ruin the taste of the casserole I still intend to make for the potluck.

Last night I sang the special during the conference, so several times today I have watched the video of my singing, just to remind myself of the words in the song I used. It was helpful in calming my spirit somewhat. Sometimes, I just need the reminder, especially on overwhelming days . . .


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“N” is For . . .

Number! As in the huge number of things going on around here this week! First, we have the Biblical Music Conference at our church, which began this past Sunday morning, and concludes tomorrow evening. It has been FANTASTIC so far . . . please, go here to listen to what we’ve been learning about!

Tonight, I am singing the special before the message, so I will not be eating the meal beforehand, as the menu tonight is green chili cheese burgers and hot dogs. I’m far enough out from my gastric bypass that I can handle a cheeseburger most of the time, but I just know that if I try it on a night I have to sing, I WILL get sick, so I’m just not taking the chance.

For the meals being served before the evening sessions, I’ve been making desserts. Last night I made cherry/chocolate cake, and today I made my “Totally Bad For You” (aka chocolate/peanut butter) cake. Tomorrow I’m making pineapple upside down cake, plus a casserole for the potluck.

Then Thursday is the beginning of our state homeschooling convention, and I will be attending that Thursday afternoon, all day Friday, and then Saturday morning.

Thursday morning, before going to convention, I need to go to Maurice’s in the mall to return a dress that my husband didn’t approve of, stop at Barnes and Noble to pick up a book for “The Batman”, along with finding birthday gifts for “Mr. Loquacious” and “The Puzzler”, and get to the convention. And get lunch in there somewhere.

I need to finish writing a review of an e-book my kids just finished as a read aloud, and get that posted.

And then, there is the never-ending Mount Wash-more . . .

So I have a NUMBER of things going on this week!

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“M” Is For . . .

Music, music, music! This week, beginning yesterday morning, our church is having a Biblical Music Conference. We will be having special meetings tonight, tomorrow night, and Wednesday night, all at 7:00 p.m., and will have supper served beforehand, at 6:00 p.m. Our speaker is Pastor Steve Foster, who has come with his wife and some of his children (some are away at college), and is teaching us so much biblical truth about music, and what the Bible says about music, how it is to be used in the House of God, what kind of music is really wrong, Biblically, and why. We are learning so much!

The church is providing the meals tonight and tomorrow, with Wednesday being potluck. Today, I am making home-made chocolate/cherry cake for the supper. Tomorrow, I will make my “Totally Bad For You” cake with frosting, plus I am singing the special tomorrow evening. And I have a casserole to make for the potluck on Wednesday, one that I sort of made up last week out of stuff we had on hand, and everyone really enjoyed, plus a pineapple upside down cake.

I wish you all could be here, so I could invite you to come to the meetings, because it is amazing, the things most of us really do not know about music, and how the Bible applies to what we choose to do with it! The messages are being put on the church’s website, with all the sermons, in fact the first three of them are already there! So, if you are at all interested, please do go there and listen, and learn! 🙂

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“L” Is For . . .

Love . . . first, the biggest and best love, the love that God had for me, that He would send His only begotten Son, to sacrifice Himself to cover my sin. It just amazes me, that God would do that. For me. It’s so hard for me to understand how there can still be any people who would reject that love, that gift . . .

Love . . . that I feel for my husband of nearly 23 years. It hasn’t always been perfect, but I love my husband, and I’m so glad he’s still here, that he survived his surgeries, and is still here with me and our children.

Love . . . that I feel for each one of my children . . . I did not conceive or give birth to any of the four of them, but I could not love them any more if I had done so.

My life would be empty without these loves in it . . . I’m so very glad they ARE in it!

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“K” Is For . . .

Killing time. Today, we did one last experiment that I wanted pictures of, to use in my most recent review. This one was quick and easy to get started, but then we had to wait several hours for the results. So in between, we worked on laundry, “The Artist” worked in a writing program (which he’s now being balky about), “The Batman” sorted sports cards, “Mr. Loquacious” and his twin, “The Puzzler” played a math game that we are reviewing on the computer. And we are STILL working on laundry, though I think the last of the hang-up clothes are now done. Our final experiment gave us good results, so I took a picture of it to include in my review, which is now completed, posted, and linked up. YAY!

So today, “killing time” did not mean leisurely activities, we were very productive!

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“J” Is For . . .

Jumping up and down in excitement, which my kids were doing today, first, this morning, when we did another fun experiment for the “Matter” unit in the online science program we have been reviewing (post on that program coming within the next couple of days, people!), and second, because we went to our first home-school park day In I’m not even sure how many weeks! Between my husband’s TWO back surgeries within FIVE weeks, coupled with some sort of plague stomach virus that has been going through our family, and our church . . . add all that to the fact that I hurt my own back a couple of weeks ago, and was hobbling about on a cane until last night . . . well, we’ve not made it to park day in quite a while. So today, my kids were just about JUMPING for JOY, because we did go, finally, to park day, and if I could have, I would have been JUMPING for JOY myself, because I got to spend time with the other homeschool parents who come to park day. YAY! 🙂

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“I” is for Isotopes . . .

. . . as in the Isotopes baseball game we were supposed to attend last night, unfortunately it was postponed due to “rain and cold weather”. Sadly, the game was to be made up today, in two seven inning games, which we were unable to work into our schedule. The Isotopes do allow for the tickets to be rain checked, so it is my hope that when our friend is re-scheduled to sing the National Anthem, that we can exchange our block of tickets for a block at THAT game! 🙂 So for today, “I” is for Isotopes! 🙂


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“G” . . . The Great Grape Experiment!

So today, the kids and I watched some science how-to videos for a curriculum we are evaluating. One of them told us how to do the Plasma GRAPE experiment, which was so cool, we decided to wait and actually do it this evening when their dad would be home to see it. Also, we needed it to be darker than it is during the day, even with all the lights off and the blinds closed, LOL! So, we just did it, it was, in fact, really neat, although my camera doesn’t seem to be quite good enough to get a clear video of it. But, we did it, we used a grape, a knife, and the microwave to make plasma GAS. So, there are two things for “G”, the GRAPE, and the plasma GAS. And, you’ll hear much more about this, and other science things, when I post my review of Supercharged Science in a couple of weeks! 🙂

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“F” is for Future . . .

Day six of the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge . . .

What do any of us really know about our future? Not much.

I DO know that God knows my future.

He knows what choices I will make that will affect my future.

I live within His permissive will, which means that although I know without a doubt that should I die tomorrow, I will be in heaven with Him, He allows me free will to make whatever choices I wish.

Because of that freedom, it’s very important that I do my best to carefully consider the choices I make every day, to consider how those choices impact my own life, and the lives of those who are around me.

It means I must consider how those choices cause others to view my testimony, as well, because the last thing I would want is for a choice I make to cause someone else to refuse the free gift of salvation that can come only through the sacrifice of His only begotten Son.

“Future” . . . if you look through the Bible, you will not find anywhere that we are promised anything in the future other than our chosen eternity. For MY future, I chose to accept the gift of salvation by grace, given by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

What “future” have you chosen?


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